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Playing with Unraid

Playing with Unraid
Photo by Florian Krumm / Unsplash

So my recent hyper fixation has been self-hosting. It's been on my mind for a while. A few weeks ago I looked at my old gaming PC that hasn't been turned on in almost 2 years. It's still good, it's just not how I want to play games right now. My computer setup is also my work-from-home spot, and I try and separate my desire to focus from other parts of my house. I figured I'd spend some time learning how to set up a media server.

I started with a sonarr and radarr setup to coordinate files from torrents to plex. It's been pretty successful. Following the setup listed at TRaSH Guides was pretty easy! In an afternoon I had a media server downloading media that was playable on my tv through my PS5!

I knew this isn't where I wanted to stop though. The previous version of this blog was hosted on ghost's own servers, and that wasn't cheap by any means. Given that I never had a sign up tells me that no one was visiting anyways. I decided to move the hosting to my one unraid, that you're now reading this off of.

Because I transferred my domain before extracting the contents of my old blog, I've lost it all. But maybe that's for the better, a fresh start might just be what's needed to revive this blog. At the very least, the lesson should be to back everything up before you make changes.

This is not the end for me yet. I'm planning on creating a DNS server in the near future to avoid ads while on my wifi!